Crazy(?) Insurance Claims

There have been a number of crazy insurance claims over the years, leading people to wonder about the validity of insurance at all. Fortunately, many of these cases have been thrown out -- for instance, one man sued Anheuser-Busch because he drank the beer and women in bikinis did not show up, as they did in the commercials. Other lawsuits have come to different conclusions, however, awarding people some very large sums of money for things that do not seem practical. The following are four of the most reasonable - or perhaps absurd - cases that have gone to court in recent years.

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Stella Liebeck v McDonald’s

This is one of the most famous cases of all time. Ms. Liebeck bought a McDonald's coffee and tried to drink it while she was a passenger in a car. When she took off the top to put in cream and sugar, she spilled the coffee on herself. She then sat in the scalding liquid for about a minute and a half. In the end, she had burned herself badly. Amazingly, she sued McDonald's for money to cover the bills. McDonald's offered her a token sum of money, so she went to court. There, she won 2.9 million dollars, and quite right too. This was later reduced to 640,000 dollars, which could be considered a reasonable sum or an absurd sum for being clumsy.

Matt Lincoln v Lakewood Church

Matt Lincoln was a worshiper at Lakewoord Church, which is located in Tennessee. While he was worshiping, he felt so overcome by God's Spirit that he fell down and hit his head. This led him to a lot of immediate pain and also to a number of surgeries to have the damage fixed. To pay for this, he turned around and sued the church. He claimed that the church should have had people ready to catch him if he was overcome with worship. The case is still going on, with the insurance company claiming that he should have known that no one was behind him to catch him.

Ikechukwu Udevi-Aruevoru v Birmingham University

In this case, Ikechukwu Udevi-Aruevoru is suing Birmingham University because he failed out of his doctorate program. He claims that he was not given all of the things he needed to learn properly and that the administration was biased against him. He is suing for the humiliation of failing and for the debt that he owes the university. Perhaps he is right, or perhaps it is just the action of an angry student who has a lot of debt and no degree, since Birmingham claims that he just did not grasp the material.

Cleanthi Peters v Universal Studios

Ms. Peters went on the Halloween ride with her granddaughter at Universal. When it was over, an employee chased them toward the door and scared them so that they fell down. The employee, Ms. Peters claims, then continued trying to frighten them while they were lying on the ground. She is suing for 15,000 dollars because she claims that the entire ride, including this incident at the end, was too scary and caused her emotional distress.