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Short term car insurance allows a driver to take out a policy on a vehicle that they don't want to keep in place all year long. There are many different reasons that a driver might choose to do this. As an example, if they own a car that they do not use during certain months of the year, there is not reason to insure it for the entire year. Perhaps they live in an area where the winter season lasts for a long time, and one of their cars simply can't make it in the snow. During this time, there is no reason to keep the vehicle insured. Short term car insurance is the answer to the problem.

Another example would be if you were borrowing somebody's car for a few weeks or months. If your car were in the shop for repairs, and you needed to use somebody else's car during that time, it would make sense to sign up for car insurance so that you wouldn't be held liable for any damage you might cause to the car while you are driving it. Even so, it wouldn't make a great deal of sense to sign up for a long term insurance policy if you were only going to use the car for a few weeks or months. You can sign up for short term car insurance so that the car is only covered while you are borrowing it. Short term car insurance can cover a period as short of a day if you want it.

If you live in an area that has seasonal storms, it makes sense to protect your car from possible
damage. For example, if there were a flood season, you might want to make sure that the car is
protected from damage that could occur as the result of a flood. At the same time, it wouldn't make
as much sense to pay for that insurance during months when flooding is rare or virtually nonexistent. It would only make sense to pay for insurance to protect the car when flooding was unlikely. The same would be true for protecting it from hurricane damage, for example.

While it is true that rental cars come with insurance, the insurance is not necessarily ideal. You
might want to purchase insurance that is more comprehensive that that offered by the rental car
company. One of the primary reasons to do this is the fact that the insurance provided by the company usually only protects the car if the person who is renting it is driving the car. There are many
circumstances in which a larger number of people might wish to drive the car. This is especially true if the car is rented for a long road trip. As the driver, you will likely want to take a break and let somebody else drive. If you want to be insured while you do so, you will most likely need to sign up for short term car insurance in order to do so.

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